Blacklight Run Volunteers


Do you want to be part of the magic?

  • Would you love to work closely with the Skechers Blacklight Run™?
  • Do you want to both be a part of the Skechers Blacklight Run™ experience while also making it better for participants?
  • Do you want to give your time and help give back to local charities and the U-Run movement?

Did you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions? We thought so. We want you to volunteer to work with the Skechers Blacklight Run™! Sign-up up below!

Skechers Blacklight Run™ welcomes volunteers age 15 and older. Everyone must sign a Volunteer Declaration Form, and if you are below 18 yrs old, you must have that signed by a parent as well. You are required to sign it on the day of the event upon reporting to the venue to justify that you will not misuse the powder and etc.

* If you are volunteering to complete CIPs hours, we require that you bring a form that is to be signed by the Skechers Blacklight Run™ supervisor at the time you volunteer.

Volunteer Entitlements:
– Exclusive Skechers Blacklight Run Crew T-Shirt
– Transport into Sentosa
– Dinner Meal
– Token Allowance
– Opportunity to have an awesome time!

Registration for Volunteers and Crew Leaders is ready! Sign up here!
If you want to talk to us directly about Internship or Crew Leader roles, please send us an email to:

Title Sponsor

Official Organizer